Established in 1986 at Chakan, Pune; the company was started with manufacturing of motorcycle wheel rims. These rims were of different types and sized for Bajaj Auto Ltd., LML, Kinetic Engineering Ltd. etc.

Company is managed by Mr. Kamalesh Shah, Managing Director who holds MS in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University, USA and MBA from Columbia University, USA. He has wide range of experience in engineering, finance and marketing.

Under his management the company has expanded into Nickel Chrome plating, Powder Coating, manufacturing of Sari Guards, Leg Guards and Handle bars for Pulsar and Discover motorcycles.

For all these products, Yoshika is single source supplier to Bajaj Auto Ltd.; supplying zero defect components on just-in-time inventory system. Company supplies over 100,000 components of each type per month.

Company has over 450 employees and is recipient of several quality awards.



- Company is O.E. supplier to Bajaj Auto Ltd. and Bosch Chassis Systems Ltd.

- Manufacture motorcycle wheel rims for CT-100, Boxer, Avenger, Pulsar, Discover.

- Manufacture Sari Guards and Leg Guards for all Pulsar and Discover motorcycles.

- Manufacture Handle Bars for all Pulsar and Discover motorcycles.

- State-of-the-art fully automatic PLC controlled Powder Coating plant for all the accessories.

- Manufacture Booster plates for Bosch.

- State of the art PLC controlled nickel chrome plating plant for wheel rims, handle bars & accessories.